Budget Red Nashville Booth Diner Set


Fantastically priced American retro booth diner set in red and white.

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Budget Red Nashville Booth Diner Set


Budget Red Nashville Booth Diner Set – The retro-look red booths with a contrasting white panel are fully upholstered with faux leather, padded and come with a retro style white topped booth table, with ribbed edging for durability. The table may be imperfect, it may have a slight mark or the chrome edging may have an uneven join. The booths may have a slight indent caused from storing, which may come out over time, hence the price of the set.

The booths are made using easy clean and comfortable pads and are fully UK fire retardant certified.


Booth dimensions Table Dimensions
Overall height 96cm
Seat depth 45cm
Overall depth 62cm
Seat width 124cm
Length 120cm
Width 80cm


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